X-15 Flight Manual

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The iconic X-15 program was one of the most successful and ground-breaking of the early space era. The X-15 took test pilots (including Neil Armstrong and William J. “Pete” Knight) to the fringes of space, and still holds the record for the fastest manned aircraft airspeed ever recorded (nearly Mach 7!). Many of the lessons learned with the X-15 program carried over to the susequent NASA rocket missions, as well as the Shuttle program. Own this fantastic piece of history, the 120 page flight manual from North American Aviation. The manual is full of illustrations and explains the basic flight characteristics of the X-15, emergency procedures, equipment and more! Your purchase also includes 3 bonus reports:

1. 135 page “X-15 Research Results Report” (1964) – a complete and well-written summary of all the X-15’s missions, it’s design and legacy. A real insider’s view of the lessons learned from the X-15 program, and some prophetic words about the future of the space program, and the X-15’s role (think: Shuttle)!

2. NASA Conference Publication on the 30th Anniversary of the X-15 First Flight Celebration.  Great history and insights from the men who built and flew the plane.

3. The original X-15 design proposal document from North American Aviation.  A detailed document proposing the design, flight characteristics and performance for the X-15, from North American.

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