Vintage Johnson Smith Catalog Canvas Wall Art

Vintage 1919 Ad On Canvas

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Every geeky guy growing up in the boomer generation loves Johnson Smith catalog ads.  They were a staple in every comic book ever published in that era, and contained some of the most unusual and quirky products – stuff only guys (geeks) would ever buy.  I sadly ordered many items from JS as a kid- exploding cigarette loads, stink bombs, listening devices, and of course, the always popular X-Ray Specs.

What you may not realize is that Johnson Smith was not just a boomer phenomenon – the firm was placing ads in magazines like this one from Electrical Experimenter in 1919.  This is a full-page ad, rendered on stretched canvas over a wood frame.  While the ad shows offers for the normal Johnson Smith stuff like itching powder and rubber daggers- who knew they sold handguns (The Baby – smallest hammerless revolver) and that wonder device of 1919, the typewriter!  Canvas is beautiful and very vintage cool.

Gallery quality canvas print using premium materials to provide the highest quality, longest lasting product available. Hand made by skillful people to ensure that every canvas is perfect. Printed on a natural white, matte, ultra smooth, 100% cotton rag using custom-developed, archival, acid free pigment inks. The color will stand the test of time and last longer than any other canvas print available. Designed for an indoor use.  24″ x 30″ stretched canvas, ready to hang.

Shipping available to: United States Only

Ready To Hang

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