Antique Bar Book- Straub’s Manual of Mixed Drinks

Straub’s Manual Of Mixed Drinks – 675 Amazing Bar Recipes

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Modern bar books have lost the charm, and variety of the past.  While today’s cocktail fashions come and go, the popular mixed drinks of today can’t compare to the adventure and ingenuity  of Jaques Straub, former Wine Steward of The Blackstone Hotel in Chicago.  He was also Manager at the famous Pendennis club in Louisville, so you’ll find he know his Bourbon as well.  You’ll love the full-text searchable feature of this e-book, as you learn how to make cocktails like a pro.  Good alcoholic drinks are simply timeless, and many of the mixed drinks in this guide have been lost to the modern generation.  If you are learning how to make cocktails, this is truly the best cocktail recipes book we’ve found.  You’ll also get a really cool chapter on “The Etiquette of The Glass”..what glassware to serve and when (easily worth the price of the book).  Also included is a informative chapter on wines.  If you are a bartender, or what to be one, you can’t be without this book!  Cropped and formatted for easy reading and printing and we have made it full-text searchable.

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