Round Barn Plans & Construction : A Retrospective

How To Build A Round Barn

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Round barns dot the countryside in many ares of the Midwest; particularly in Indiana.  The beauty and production efficiency of these old designs has not been matched.  There are actually very few of these beautiful old barns left, as most fell victim to age or progress.  We have put together all the articles we could find on the design and construction of these old barns into one convenient document for you. Diagrams, construction techniques, materials and more, from the classic age of round barns.  If there was an old book or journal that had any diagrams or designs about how to build a round barn, we included it in this retrospective collection.  Full-text searching and formatted for easy reading and printing.  Soon these old barns will all be gone; will you be one of the few who could resurrect this venerable barn style?  Our retrospective is a great place to start your discovery. Learn more about the Round Barn Builders….

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Round Barn Plans & Construction Sample

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