Mercury Spacecraft Wall Art

Mercury Spacecraft Stretched Canvas, 16" x 20"

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The first U.S. spaceship was a cone-shaped one-man capsule with a cylinder mounted on top. Two meters (6 ft, 10 in) long, 1.9 meters (6 ft, 2 1/2 in) in diameter, a 5.8 meter (19 ft, 2 in) escape tower was fastened to the cylinder of the capsule. The blunt end was covered with an ablative heat shield to protect it against the 3,000 degree heat of entry into the atmosphere.

In this image, insignias from each of six manned Mercury 7 missions and autographs of the original seven NASA astronauts encircle the Mercury spacecraft. Formatted on 16″ x 20″ stretched canvas.

The Mercury program used two launch vehicles: A Redstone for the suborbital and an Atlas for the four orbital flights. Prior to the manned flights, unmanned tests of the booster and the capsule, carrying a chimpanzee, were made. Each astronaut named his capsule and added the numeral 7 to denote the teamwork of the original astronauts.

Our canvas wall art is top-quality: Genuine artist canvas – UV and fade-resistant.

Shipping available to: United States Only

Stretched Canvas, easy to hang- 16" x 20"

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