Electrical Experimenter Magazine, 1919

Huge Issue - Many Interesting Articles and Ads

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In the early 20th century, the hot emerging technology was – electricity. Hobbyist publications on this new tech sprung up everywhere- one of the largest and most popular was Electrical Experimenter magazine. This is a 1919 edition, chock full of interesting technical articles, ‘Popular Science’ type features, references to WWI, and more. And those ads- those wonderful ads- great copywriting, cool illustrations and some really offbeat (and potentially dangerous!) electrical products. Browsing this very cool file, you’ll understand that commercialism certainly did not start with our generation!

This is a very cool volume, and will please the vintage geek in you.

This edition is full-text searchable, and it’s large – 382 pages. Digital download- you get access immediately.

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Full Text Searchable- What Does This Mean?

Cool Technical Articles

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