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So What The Heck is VintageDocs.com?

V - For Victory
The Inspiration for our logo…

Old ideas can sometimes use new buildings. New ideas must use old buildings.

-Jane Jacobs


Retro is in – always has been, really.  We long for the past; where things were made better, life was simpler; there was pride in craftsmanship and ownership.  I’ve always been interested in old stuff, even as a kid, and it dawned on me one day that it would be really cool to uncover old stuff like plans, manuals, books and articles that would be of interest to hobbyists, craftsman, collectors and the simply curious.  My business plan is simple: find stuff that interests you; package it up in a convenient format and present it in a cool way. It’ll be fun for you- and me!

There are millions of pages of old documents, books, magazines, catalogs and more that have been published in the last 100 years -some of it is as vital and helpful today as it was when it was written.  Not everything, of course – some stuff you’ll find on VintageDocs.com is old and out-of-date – but that’s the point– it’ fun, and educational, too!

We are adding new physical products to our lineup, too – we are now offering cool mugs, canvas art and more, featuring images from our VintageDocs vault.

You can also follow our blog – we’ll showcase everything that’s new and interesting.  And we will bring you cool stories and resources that will compliment our products.

A fun ride is guaranteed!  Thanks for visiting.

Carl Ringwall
CEO, VintageDocs.com


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